1This calculation is based upon a mat coverage of 80% and the rooms are insulated to meet part L.

2 When the system is used under carpet the total combined Tog value of the carpet and the underlay should not exceed 2.8 Tog.

Important Note:
All electrical connections must be performed by a fully qualified electrician and must be in accordance with the NEC (National Electrical Code).


  • Superior Performance
    • Superb even heat distribution due to the large surface area.
    • Rapid heat transmission to the floor . Heating effect is felt more quickly than other infloor heating methods.
  • Easy Installation
    • Flexible standard sized mats cover all room sizes and shapes.
    • Connection ready. Each mat includes the ribbon connectors and covering, insulation and electrical cables.
    • Ultra–thin profile. Ensures floor surfaces remain smooth and enables retrofits.
  • Space Saving
    • No need for radiators.
    • Creating valuable wall space allows you freedom to design your room layout as you wish.
  • Highly Cost Effective
    • Heat in each room is controlled individually.
    • No heat is lost in transformers.
    • Maintenance–free.
    • Direct heating of flooring material. Conserves energy and speeeds heating effect.
  • Total Safety
    • Integrated shielding and grounding.
    • Negligible electromagnetic field (just 2.1% of established permissible value).
    • Enhanced control options. External thermostat has both ambient air and floor temperature sensors.
  • Enhanced Comfort & Health
    • Even distribution of heat prevents hot–spots.
    • Reduces circulation of airborne dust and contaminants.
    • Radient heat does not depend upon moving large volumes of air.
Radiant Heat Concept Radiant Heat. Convective Heat.
How to calculate running costs
Room Size 12m2 3m X 4m
Mat Coverage 10m2 (80 %)
Total Daily Power 15 kWh (if on constantly for 10 hours a day)
Total Daily Consumption 3.75 kWh (based on thermostat cycle of 25%)
Total Monthly Consumption 114 kWh (30.4 days)
Total Annual Consumption 912 kWh (8 months)
Annual Cost £89:46 (tariff 0.0981 p/kWh)

Calculations assume room is insulated to meet part L. Total Daily Power is based upon a timer thermostat to be set to operate for 10 hours per day. Total Daily Consumption is based on a thermostat cycle of 25% of the operating time.

Waxman Energy Underfloor Heating

UK Ceramics & Stone Ltd can supply and install or just supply a Primary Heat™ underfloor heating system which is manufactured by Waxman Energy Solutions Ltd, whatever your requirements may be please feel free to call us or send an email you can find our contact details here.

The Primary Heat™ underfloor heating system, is a primary heating system that can be used to heat the whole house or any number of rooms that you may require, without needing additional radiators or heating supply making the system completely discreet, the system is designed to provide a heating system without radiators that can keep the whole house warm,1

A Primary Heat™ system can be easily installed under many different types of floor coverings such as ceramic tiles, natural stone and marble tiles, wood, laminates and carpets.2

Under carpet flooring. Under tiled floors. Under wood flooring. Under vinyl flooring.
Please note the images above are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to be regarded as installation diagrams, to view a larger version just click on any of the images.

What Do You Need?

Primary Heat™
underfloor Heating Mat &
Technical Specifications

Primary Heat™ underfloor heating mat.
code Width Length Area Watts / mat
150w / m2
0.65amps / m2
PHM–512 0.5m 1.2m 0.60 m2 90 w 0.39 amps
PHM–515 0.5m 1.5m 0.75 m2 112.5 w 0.49 amps
PHM–520 0.5m 2.0m 1.00 m2 150 w 0.65 amps
PHM–525 0.5m 2.5m 1.25 m2 187.5w 0.82 amps
PHM–530 0.5m 3.0m 1.50 m2 225w 0.97 amps
PHM–535 0.5m 3.5m 1.75 m2 262.5w 1.14 amps
PHM–540 0.5m 4.0m 2.00 m2 300w 1.30 amps
PHM–560 0.5m 6.0m 3.00 m2 450w 1.95 amps
PHM–115 1.0m 1.5m 1.50 m2 225w 0.97 amps
PHM–120 1.0m 2.0m 2.00 m2 300w 1.30 amps
PHM–125 1.0m 2.5m 2.50 m2 375w 1.63 amps
PHM–130 1.0m 3.0m 3.00 m2 450w 1.95 amps
PHM–135 1.0m 3.5m 3.50 m2 525w 2.28 amps
PHM–140 1.0m 4.0m 4.00 m2 600w 2.60 amps
PHM–150 1.0m 5.0m 5.00 m2 750w 3.26 amps
PHM–160 1.0m 6.0m 6.00 m2 900w 3.90 amps

Primary Heat ™ thermostat controller. Thermostat Controller
The Primary Heat ™ Thermostat has an LCD screen and it is fully programmable and has both a floor temperature sensor and an ambient air temperature senor.
To view a larger version click on the image.

Primary Heat™ hard insulation boards. Hard Insulation Boards (600mm X 1200mm)
The Primary Hard insulation boards are produced from extruded polystyrene and offer good thermal as well as sound insulation ceramic tiles, natural stone, vinyl, solid wood and glued carpet.
To view a larger version click on the image.

Primary Heat™ soft insulation rolls. Soft Insulation Rolls (1.5m X 6.6m and 1.5m X 13m)
The Primary Soft insulation is produced from closed cell linked polyethylene foam and offers good thermal as well as sound insulation under carpet, laminate, engineered wood and parquet flooring.
To view a larger version click on the image.

How Does It Work?

The Primary Heat ™ system is a major advance in the underfloor heating field and is based on an innovative new technology that employs a crystalline metal alloy to replace the traditional electrical heating elements to achieve outstanding energy efficiency, safety, flexible installation and a maintenance free long life.

The system is unobtrusive and provides quick and evenly distributed natural warmth at any time where ever it is needed this is because the crystalline ribbons are extremely thin and have very little mass to store heat, so the generated heat is released immediately, which means that almost 100% of the power used by the system is transferred into heat.

The Primary Heat ™ underfloor heating mats when laid cover around 25% to 30% of the total floor area, unlike a conventional cable underfloor heating system which would only cover around 2% of the total floor area which allows the system to operate at a lower temperature around 30oC to provide a more comfortable warmth.

Heat Where & When you want it!

The temperatuire in each room is controlled by it’s own programmable thermostsat so it is easy to control which rooms are heated and the time they are heated and each room can be set to a different temperature if required.

Radiant heat emanates naturally from it’s source and unlike conventional convective heating systems it does not rely on the movement of large volumes of air to distribute warmth and studies by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHREA) have indicated that with a radiant heat system people are comfortable at temperatures 2oC to 4oC lower than with a conventional convective system, which can lead to dramatic cost savings in well insulated homes.

The Primary Heat ™ underfloor heating system is suitable for installation as the primary heat source in existing properties and new build for both domestic and commercial applications and it can be used to heat the whole house or any number of rooms that you require and it can be used in any room in the house bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories.

Maintenance Free Heating

A Primary Heat ™ installation does not require annual maintenance or servicing providing many years of trouble free heating, however in the unlikely event of a failure the fault can be easily detected and located to within 10cm which allows the repairs to be carried out with minimum disruption to the floor.

All of the mats are connected to the thermostat in parallel, which means that a faulty mat can be easily located and then isolated whilst waiting for repair and the rest of the system will continue to work as normal.

The Primary Heat™ PDF

You can download a copy of the Primary Heat™ PDF document here.
Adobe pdf icon. Primary Heat™

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